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Zach Orn

Orn zach small
1 · INF

Zack Haefer

Haefer zach small
2 · P/INF

Alec Agler

Agler alec small
4 · P

Tyler Rickert

Rickert tyler small
5 · C

Nick Bradley

Bradley nick small
9 · P/OF

Andrew Carpenter

Carpenter andrew small
11 · P

Noah Parish

Parish noah small
13 · P

Trey Bruce

Bruce trey  2  small
14 · INF

Drew Dobbels

Dobbels drew small
16 · INF

Drew Buffenbarger

Buffenbarger drew small
17 · P/3B

Turner Gentry

Gentry turner small
18 · OF

Alex Vela

Vela alex small
22 · INF

Brandon Jencks

Jencks brandon small
23 · P/INF

Deven Hill

Hill deven small
28 · C

Benny Clark

Benny small

Tony Georgi

Tony small

Lance Hershberger

Lance small

Dru Sebastian

Sebastian dru small

Connor Wilkins

Connor small


Number Photo Name Pos.
1 Orn zach small Zach Orn INF
2 Haefer zach small Zack Haefer P|INF
4 Agler alec small Alec Agler P
5 Rickert tyler small Tyler Rickert C
9 Bradley nick small Nick Bradley P|OF
11 Carpenter andrew small Andrew Carpenter P
13 Parish noah small Noah Parish P
14 Bruce trey  2  small Trey Bruce INF
16 Dobbels drew small Drew Dobbels INF
17 Buffenbarger drew small Drew Buffenbarger P|3B
18 Gentry turner small Turner Gentry OF
22 Vela alex small Alex Vela INF
23 Jencks brandon small Brandon Jencks P|INF
28 Hill deven small Deven Hill C